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I would refer Don to the results of the survey that RailModel Journal did a couple of years ago regarding styrene freight cars for the era we love. Two that stand out are the 1932 Standard Steel boxcar and the alternate standard two bay offset twin hopper

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On 5/27/02, at 2:44 PM, Mike Brock wrote:

Don Winter...a new member...asks:

I am new to the list, interested in N&W Steam era. I hope I am in the
Interested in the N&W in the steam era? Yep, this is the place.

May I also ask a question about passenger cars of this era? I would
like to know of the major inexpensive HO plastic passenger cars, which
brands might be better suited behind steam engines. Rivarossi, Athearn,
Con-Cor, and IHC make rtr cars already painted and letterd for the N&W.
opinions about their quality. None of the above etc?
Now...with regard to passenger cars, you need to join the Passengerr Car

I promise to talk
about frieght cars from here on out!

My true ulterior motive is to see if I can find a freight car of
demand to injection mold in my machines. Thanks for putting up with me!
Ah. Well, now, an immediate choice for the eastern modeler would be the N&W
55 ton 2 bay hopper, class HL...which went all over the eastern US except,
possibly, Florida. Plans are available in the book Norfolk & Western Coal
Cars and these cars lasted from their construction beginning in '37 until
they were transferred into class H9 during major repairs in the 50s.

Mike Brock

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