Re: Watertown MN 1954 Waybills - "Distillate"?

Garth G. Groff <ggg9y@...>

Doug and friends,

Distillate is defined as a #3 grade product on Wikipedia. This means one step lower than diesel, which is #2. I'm not sure if Wikipedia is at all clear on this.

In any case, as Doug says, a lot of early farm tractors ran on distillate, as did cream separators, and those marvelous single-cylinder engines with the huge flywheels you see restored at pasture parties. Getting back to railroad topics, the Sacramento Northern's famous car ferry RAMON ran on distillate ( ).

Kind regards,

Garth G. Groff

Douglas Harding wrote:

Distillate was a fuel used in early farm tractors, not to mention the first Doodlebugs. Diesel tractors did not become common
until the 60's.

Doug Harding


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