Re: Alternate Standard Hopper Cars...or "Don't Cry For Me, Western Modelers"

Gatwood, Elden J SAD


You "O" guys get all the breaks! I am not kidding. You guys have some super
models to work with.

Thanks for all that info.

Elden Gatwood

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Elden -

You need to specify a scale when you talk about AAR Alternate Standard offset
side double hoppers! We are swimming in them in "O" scale!

PSC has imported several brass models of these AAR Alternate Standard double
hoppers, including PSC #16061 with flat ends, PSC #16057 with oval notched
ends, PSC #16055 with oval Drednaught ends, PSC # ? with peaked ends, and PSC
# ? with plain oval ends. Rich Yoder has also imported each of these cars
again in brass, as well as a great WLE/ATSF 60-ton AAR Alternate Standard
offset side hopper that is a couple of inches taller than the C&O cars -
looks great next to them!

Only Precision Manufacturing Co. of San Antonio (no relation to PSC) made a
brass kit in 1973 for an AAR Alternate Standard triple offset side hopper car
- apparently a CN or CP prototype.

What we have TOO FEW of is the AAR Standard car! Only PSC imported a short
run of AAR Standard double offset side hopper cars a few years ago. PSC
#17213 was the flat end car, and PSC #17215 was the round end car. They also
imported PSC # 17217, a triple offset side car at the same time.

Rich Yoder has also imported an excellent series of AC&F Type 7 6,000 gallon
tank cars with single and double domes.

A.T. Kott

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The fact is, unassailable IMO, the car with the greatest number of
prototypes NEVER made in model form that I'm aware of is the C&O 50
ton, offset side 2 bay hopper car...the AAR Alternate Standard design.
C&O had about 29,000. Yes, they had more of those cars than UP had of
all their box cars. Add to that, about 2000 Erie, about 750 NKP, and
700 NP cars of the same AAR Alt Standard of the same cu ft plus some
lessor RRs and other similar designs of different cu ft including,
OHMYGOSH, 200 Santa Fe's. The number of models produced? Some might argue
that there were different forms.
True, the end plate for the C&O hoppers included about 4 different forms.
There is nothing complicated about these end plates....
Elden Gatwood

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