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Jerry Michels writes...I'm stunned...something about frt cars:

Mike do you have any additional information on MP hoppers in "captive"
service? I model the MP in the Southern Illinois coal fields and am always
looking for information on MP coal traffic in the 1950s.
First, if you don't have Burlington Bulletin #35 you need to get it because it includes quite a bit of info on the other RRs serving the southern Illinois coal fields. Mind you, this is a 254 pg book...not your common small sized bulletin.

I have noticed quite a few photos of Mopac hoppers on UP tracks including in Laramie. There's the unexpected shot of a whole string of 3 bays on the Santa Fe in Cal. But, since you are modeling Southern Illinois, you should know that coal carrying cars of all the RR's there were mixed together to some degree. That's not to say you wouldn't see solid trains of Q cars in a Q train but others would be mixed in. Photos confirm this. As I noted before, the mines there were not RR owned [ although Q owned one ] and mine owners shipped where they shipped. That necessarily put Q cars on B&O, C&EI, NYC, and Mopac tracks and vice versa.

There's a shot you might find useful in the Bulletin showing Q engine 4999 north of Centralia with a string of MTs heading south [ not TO the South...just south...whew ] to the mines around Herrin Junction. 4 of the first 5 cars are Mopac 3 bays.There's also a shot of Q engine 6101 heading north with 85 loads of coal at Litchfield. First car is a Mopac 2 bay.

Mike Brock

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