Re: Railroad territories and geographical divisions of the US.

Dave Nelson

Dennis Storzek wrote:

I thought that according to New Yorker magazine, "the West" bagan at
the Hudson :-)

What else would one expect from New Yorkers?

FWIW, there really isn't a simple answer to EXACTLY where the west begins
but in general terms I think the best answer is somewhere whithin the
diagonal region along the front range, most of which was once populated by
Bison, and east of where the mountains begin: too dry for farming, too flat
to call the Rockies. Works from west Texas on the Rio Grande to west of
Edmonton. From the West (and north of the Red River) to the Missisippi are
the Great Plains. The Ozarks get in the way for a straight line boundary so
I personally have no issue with describing them as southern... as well as
anything south of the Ohio / Potomac.

Dave Nelson

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