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Richard Hendrickson

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Richard writes:

"The Q was a "western" railroad only from the perspective of
easterners who
the west starts at the Mississippi River. However, for all of us
true westerners, the west begins at the Front Range. Period. Denver
and Cheyenne are west, but only barely. I mean to take nothing away
from the Burlington, which was in many ways an admirable railroad
(though, it must be said, with some of the ugliest steam locomotives
ever conceived). But a western railroad? Emphatically not.

So the Q's slogan Everywhere West was just a PR department ploy? :^)

In a word, yes. Also, I believe, a response to the UP's "Serves All
the West," which was a bit of an exaggeraion but not much - certainly
by comparison. Both slogans began to appear on box and auto cars at
about the same time ca. 1936-'37. In January, 1940, all such claims
were trumped by the Santa Fe's system map, showing a main line that
ran from Chicago to San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco with
diverging lines to almost everywhere in between from Denver to
Galveston. The SP/T&NO could have mounted a similar promotional
campaign on its freight cars but didn't, though it certainly
emphasized the vast and diverse area it served - from Portland to New
Orleans - in its print advertising.

Richard Hendrickson

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