Re: Why so MUCH discussion on coal car models?

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jim Dick makes an interesting statement...perhaps assumed but not expressed so well before:

To sum up, I think there is a good argument for the coal cars to roam, but not too far as there seem to be natural barriers.

All of these would serve to keep cars near home rails. And photos tell much, but not why some of these cars went as far from home as they did.
The key word here is, I think, "near". Going back to a rather simpler example...the N&W...Even when delivering a load of coal off line...say to a port on the Great Lakes...and traveling the last portion on Pennsy or NYC rails north of Columbus, an N&W car would still have traveled 2/3's of the trip at least on N&W rails. When moving a load into northern Illinois, an N&W car would again spend about 2/3 of the trip on N&W rails. Those claiming that N&W hoppers seldom left home rails are correct to the extent that such cars seldom did not return to the "nest" for sustinance...coal. However, from a modeler's perspective, it only depends on what area is being modeled. If Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, or Indiana is that area, N&W, L&N, C&O, Pennsy and NYC coal carrying cars are needed. The further west within that area, the more likelihood of finding IC, Q and Mopac coal carrying cars.

Mike Brock

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