Re: Geographic Proof and a return to frt cars please

Frank Greene

Mike Brock wrote:
Now, before we terminate this very enlightening thread...who started all this anyhow?...I will now present indisputable proof that correct [ wonder what I said ]. Referring to non other than Jeff Aley's [ had to get Jeff on board ] favorite Rock Island...and if you can't trust your favorite RR who can you trust?...on pg 912/913 of the Official Guide, March 1952..."Rock Island Lines Serve 14 WESTERN States"

Count them: New Mexico, Texas, Col, Kansas, Oklahoma...etc., etc.

Did they include Tennessee? They did come to Memphis and I always think of Tennessee when someone starts a silly argument about where the west starts. Kinda' discredits "indisputable proof," doesn't it?

Risk taker... one who pokes at both the holder of the keys to moderate jail AND his deputy (also see "fool").


Frank Greene
Memphis, TN

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