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Since you live in the Bay area, since you're a metals engineer (correct term?) and a freight-car historian, thought I'd take a shot in the dark -- so to speak -- and ask you about a STMFC-era ship. (There is a railroad component to the question, too.)

The battleship IOWA is moored (with reserve and/or stricken?) ships some 20 miles up Suisun Bay. She is expected to become a museum ship, as have her three younger sisters before her, apparently at Mare Island.

Over the decades, I've collected much material about the Iowa Class ships, and I have it in the back of my mind to build a water-level model of IOWA in TT scale (the model would be 7'-4.7" long).

Throughout her service life, IOWA visited San Francisco a number of times, I believe. Do you happen to know if Navy berthing and/or drydocks in the area had railroad trackage adjacent to moorings or close by? I've long wondered if rail wouldn't be the most efficient way to resupply the Navy's massive ships, and, in particular, the IOWAs. I'd like to create a diorama of IOWA and such rail service, if it existed.

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Brian Chapman
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Was the dense ferro-molybdenum carried in a few containers loaded into gondola cars like ferro- manganese? <<
Could be. But ferroalloys are generally not much more dense than iron. Except probably ferro-tungsten! I've seen the materials in 100-lb. bags, convenient for furnace charging. <
Anthony Thompson
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

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