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Across the bay in Alameda there was also plenty of railroad track serving piers and warehouses servicing ships at the Naval base there (former home of the USS Enterprise). Also, there is still a good amount of trackage left at Mare Island, Vallejo (north bay) that served a naval shipyard, the first on the West Coast (and ending up building nuclear submarines).

Mark Pierce

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Yes, the cruisers and battleships were often at Hunters Point,
where a large enough crane was available to lift an entire turret from
the ship for repair work. The slip with that crane, and all other
slips there, had ample rail alongside, usually double tracks on each
side. I know because I've been all through that shipyard, now closed
as a Navy facility but open to the public as its ownership transitions
to the City and County of San Francisco. The areas adjoining the slips
are of course nearly all paved, so practically all that trackage is
inset in concrete or asphalt.

Tony Thompson

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