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Armand Premo

I was trying to be careful not to identify the_ hopper.Some of the better hoppers,for the money, and again in my opinion ,are the Stewart and Accurail triples.The Tichy hopper is also pretty good.Some are real dogs ,some are only stand ins until something better comes along.P2Ks are also pretty good.I have quite a few resin hoppers,some are nice others not so.I would like a variety,but can't afford to spend $40 each for the 100 cars I need.I would like to see a massed produced D&H and NYO&W wood side cars along with some early lower side Standard Steel cars.Armand Premo

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> No for two reasons, Ed. First, I wouldn't consider this model "one of the
> best hopper models out there", as Armand has characterized. Second, while
> there is no prototype by Irv Athearn's design, this model coincidentally is
> close not only to PRR Class H31 as Elden pointed out, this model can be used
> for Virginian and Rock Island prototypes, as well as a base for Wabash's
> later panel sided cars. See posts 26630 and 54902 for more details.

So what do you think the answer is, Ben and Armand?

As to "best models out there", it's no Kadee model but if you consider the price I think it was pretty good for the money, at least before Atheran's new owners took over (don't know what the MLP is now).

Glad to see you're still with us Ben.


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