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There is a photo of the Iowa in dry dock in San Francisco in wikipedia

That wasn't a routine stop. After repairs, I bet there was a good chance it was resupplied at Alameda.

Anyway, I thought the inquirer might like to have known something the other major naval bases in the bay area. In this regard, I forgot to include the naval ammunition depot at Concord. Lots of track and idle box cars are still there, but for how long? I don't know if they resupplied warships directly there, they did load navy supply ships for certain.

Mark Pierce

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Mark Pierce wrote:
Across the bay in Alameda there was also plenty of railroad track
serving piers and warehouses servicing ships at the Naval base there
(former home of the USS Enterprise). Also, there is still a good
amount of trackage left at Mare Island, Vallejo (north bay) that
served a naval shipyard, the first on the West Coast (and ending up
building nuclear submarines).
All very true, Mark, but the questioner asked about places the
IOWA might have visited. I would certainly doubt either Alameda or
Mare Island on a routine basis, but perhaps for a special need of some

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