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brianehni <behni@...>

The 1947-built, 630 ton crane, is shown in this photo:

IIRC, it has since been dismantled after the deactivation of the Navy Yard; perhaps Tony can elucidate?

Brian Ehni

--- In STMFC@..., "Mark Pierce" <marcoperforar@...> wrote:

Cranes are included in the wikipedia photo
and there is some track and, on the center-left (double-click and enlarge the photo) are two railroad gondolas.

The Iowa was there to repair typhoon damage.

Mark Pierce

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Yes, the cruisers and battleships were often at Hunters Point, where a large enough crane was available to lift an entire turret from the ship for repair work. <
That must have been one big crane (is it still there?) IIRC, an Iowa Class main turret weighed in at 2700 tons, the equivalent of a WWII destroyer. Each of the four Iowa Class sisters had three of 'em.


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