Hoppers on the Rutland

Armand Premo

During the month of December 1950 249 hoppers were on Train#9.They were as follows:B&O 76,PRR 57, NYC 39 ,RDG 12,BWC 10 ,DL&W 9 ,D&H 8, WM 6 ,PL&E and LV 4 ,MRR, ERIE and N&W 3 ,CRP and PWV 2,1 ea for the following:CB&Q,L&N.NC&StL,NKP, CNW ,SOU ,NH ,PKY ,INT ,C&I ,CCO ,PS.I didn't check the total,but suspect that it is reasonably accurate.Can ,or should one draw any conclusions from the above? Your call.Armand Premo

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