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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

The RR at Hunters Point was US Navy and it connected with the SP.
What is interesting to me is that like other similar naval shipyards,
this immensely complex railroad was not only used for supply shipments
in and out, but also for a great number of internal intra-yard
movements of munitions, torpedos, etc. Also, my impression has always
been that a good many captive box and flat cars were used as "mobile"
storage. Quite a few of these cars were still there in recent years. I
was not too observant , but the boxcars were relatively small (36'?)
of somewhat antique character , with riveted plated ends. I recall
thinking that one or two should be saved, and was reassured at the
time that some were to be conserved. Whether or not they were when
all the tenants (including the Golden Gate Railroad Museum) were
tossed out of the yard about 5 or 6 years ago, I do not know.

There are perhaps others on this list that can give a more complete description of these interesting cars. In their lifetime, did they
ever go in interline service?

About ten years ago, I traversed just about all the Hunters Point
trackage in a motor car. It was pretty interesting for awhile, but
after a bit it also got pretty repetitive. One frightening feature
was those sharply curving tracks whose rail ends and open flangeways
squarely and at 90ยบ were ended only by the very edge of the sides of
the submarine pens (there was nothing whatsoever to prevent a car from rolling off the rail ends directly into deep water). These tracks
were for loading torpedos, which were carried in some type of special
end-loading car directly to the side of the waiting sub.


Denny S. Anspach MD

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