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Rob M.

The 1948 CNJ promo film "The BIG Little Railroad" clearly shows a CB&Q two pocket outside stake hopper with "Everywhere West" lettering in amongst a cut of PRR and NYC (and other locals) hoppers in the Allentown (PA) yard.

The same film also shows a black MoPac hopper with the buzzsaw clearly visible in an amongst a cut of mostly NYC hoppers in the vicinity of the Hometown (Pa) bridge, the narrator describes this scene as "from this connection comes Bitumionous Coal from western Pennsylvania".

Rob Mondichak

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Matt Forsyth says:

"BTW, I have a a few early '50's vintage B&W images of loaded CB&Q
composite hoppers parked on a siding in Binghamton, NY, just off the DL&W
(Lackawanna) mainline."

Now THAT is a bit strange. Almost weird. They were perhaps lost?

Mike Brock

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