Re: Coal car loading on "home"roads...A. Thompson's answer (reprise).


Many railrads hauled Coal into the south primarily for power plants and some for the steel industry around Birmingham AL. N&W hauled into North Carolina. Clinchfield/C&O coal to Spartanburg, SC and to a connection with SCL at Bostic, NC. L&N into the Florida panhandle, Southern RR hauled coal all over the south. And I suspect some via the ACL with it's connections to the C&O and N&W.

I think most of this traffic developed after WW2 when power plants began to switch over from Oil to Coal Fired Power Plants.

And I belive that even Florida had electrity by this time.

George A Walls

I might add
that I doubt that such coal carrying cars entered the state of Florida very
much during our time period.
I'd like to know more about how far south coal
moved by train in our period.

Mike Brock

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