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I knew ther'd be a Kiwi out there somewhere, I can show you in the draft of the Australian constitution where it refers to the colonies of New south wales, queensland etc and the NORTH AND SOUTH ISLANDS OF NEW ZEALAND so we're not the west island you're just the missing state! Before I incur the wrath of the moderator back to freight cars.

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1. The slogan "Everywhere West" first appeared on Q freight cars in 1937, whilst "Way of the Zephyrs" didn't appear until 1940
2. Rob's comment shows why Australia is referred to as New Zealand's West Island

(Given the current frenzy in LA, I can understand the desire of the rest of the "United" States to keep a certain large mountain
range as a geographical dividing point :-) )

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ

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This is great stuff I join the group to learn about freight cars and for extra's I get a geography lesson on the U.S. Now if you
really want to know where the West is, go to L.A. or S.F. and go about 4000 miles in a boat or a plane and you will find the real

Rob Mclear
Brisbane Australia.

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