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We all know handwriting can be difficult to read at times and typos do occur.? Considering the location of the T and R keys on a typewriter, a typo is entirely possible if this is a typed list.? I was just pointing out that MRR is not a reporting mark for the Montour.


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Rich only reporting what was on the Wheel Report.Armand Premo
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PS? is Pittsburgh & Shamut

Montour was M? then MTR not MRR

The only reference to MRR I have is Mid-Atlantic RR from 1988 - 1996 when it
was taken over? by the Carolina Southern RR.

Rich Orr

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Tim O'Connor wrote:
> What is reporting mark PS? Pittsburgh & Shawmut? And MRR?


I would venture a guess that MRR stands for Montour Rail Road (I might be
wrong), and belive that their actual reporting mark was just the letter "M".

Matt Forsyth

Modeling the DL&W, Erie, PRR,
NYC, and LV in "O" Scale
Elmira, NY 1951


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