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Tim O'Connor


I look at it this way: about 10% of the cars are what I'd
call "oddballs" -- accidental tourists, as it were. That
seems about right to me, for coal hoppers, in the 1950's.
I don't count any of the likely anthracite cars (RDG/DL&W/
ERIE/LV/D&H) in that 10%, although they could easily have
gotten mixed into blocks of cars from the B&O/PRR/NYC. And
the P&LE cars could be mixed up with NYC cars.

Tim O'Connor

Tim,MRR is the Montour.Train # 9 is from Alburgh,Vt to the NYC interchange at Norwood,NY.Train # 9 for the most part was Train #19 from Rutland to Alburgh.Ben Hom did an analysis of company coal reports and this study would pretty much support your theory.and is essentially the same as the month of November.The surprises were the appearance of :Southern, L&N ,CB&Q,CCO ,NC&StL,PWV, INT , C&I ,CNW as well as PS.The Berwyn cars would come in on Train # 10 and would be interchanged with the CV at Alburgh.The BWC cars in Train # 9 were empties as were most of the hoppers in those trains.Armand Premo
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Armand, I think one obvious conclusion is that bituminous
coal predominated on the Rutland. I wonder how much of the
coal was for the Rutland's own consumption? Also, the three
largest owners all reached into northern New York state, so
this reinforces the idea that nearby railroads should be
more heavily represented than railroads further away.

What is reporting mark PS? Pittsburgh & Shawmut? And MRR?

What was the route of #9?

Tim O'Connor

>During the month of December 1950 249 hoppers were on Train #9.
>They were as follows:
> B&O 76
> PRR 57
> NYC 39
> RDG 12
> BWC 10
> DL&W 9
> D&H 8
> WM 6
> P&LE 4
> LV 4
> MRR 3
> ERIE 3
> N&W 3
> CRP 2
> PWV 2
> CB&Q 1
> L&N 1
> NC&StL 1
> NKP 1
> CNW 1
> SOU 1
> NH 1
> PMcK&Y 1
> INT 1
> C&I 1
> CCO 1
> PS 1
>I didn't check the total, but suspect that it is reasonably
>accurate. Can or should one draw any conclusions from the
>above? Your call.Armand Premo

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