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How much are these CD's?


On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 5:37 PM, Roger Hinman<rhinman@...> wrote:
The NYCHS has digitized their entire collection of drawings and there
a couple of CDs full of hopper drawings.
They are still working on getting a full index out for public use.

Roger Hinman
On Jul 9, 2009, at 4:19 PM, proto48er wrote:

Larry -

Thanks for the excellent P&LE hopper car roster!

That was indeed a nice article back in 1980 about NYC hoppers in the
"Headlight." I recall at least one other short article there
concerning triple USRA hoppers. I think these were the impetus for
Bob Parri to make and sell some NYC "O" scale brass models.

Bob Parri made a series of brass NYC triple hoppers in "O" scale
back in 1985-1987. In 1985, he made/sold about (65) USRA NYC triple
hoppers using erection drawings provided by the late Lance Vail (not
sure I spelled his name correctly.) These were quite popular models,
and he repeated the run in 1987, making (50) more USRA triples, (5)
"Rochester rebuild" triples (pictured in a "Headlight" article), (5)
NYC early "triples" with the shallow center bay, and two C&O
"triples" with shallow bay and heap shields. The rebuilds (somewhat
ugly) and the earlier models were not very popular, as he only had
requests to make (12) total of them.

In addition to the above, Parri made about (60) USRA double hoppers
in 1987, along with (65) standard USRA doubles and (5) "Rochester
rebuilds" of the USRA double. The "NYC USRA doubles" had two
internal braces, but no crossbraces like the standard USRA cars had.

Lance Vail also provided the erection drawings to Parri for his
series of USRA steel 45" low side gons and container cars. I think
he provided drawings to Overland for their #0780/O NYC double panel
hopper import (less than ten of these on the prototype - were
featured in a 1980-81 era "Headlight" aslo).

Mr. Vail may have also provided the info to Pat O'Boyle for his
marvelous USRA steel boxcar project, where he (as Pacific Limited)
imported approximately (12) different versions of these cars. These
cars, although very numerous on the prototype, were NOT popular with
modelers, and it took a long time for Pat to sell all of them. Pat
had considered writing a short article for Mainline Modeler about
these cars to acquaint the "buying public" with their existence;
however, the article was never run.

What happened to Mr. Vail's treasure trove of NYC information? I am
sure that sufficient plans and photos were in it that would provide
any manufacturer/importer with data for some, if not all, of the
above mentioned cars.

Except for the USRA steel boxcars, all of the above cars were
popular with "O" scalers - they should be equally popular with guys
in other scales.

A.T. Kott

--- In STMFC@..., Larry Kline <lndkline@...> wrote:

I have just uploaded a P&LE hopper roster in the files section. The
file name is *P&LE hoppers.pdf* On the P&LE the most common hopper
the early 1950s was the USRA design triple hopper available in HO
Westerfield. Unfortunately this car is not available in O scale
but it
could be kitbashed from two USRA twin hoppers. I wrote an article
about the USRA triples in the P&LE RR Historical Magazine *The
Giant* Vol. 2 No. 2. The magazine is still available.
As the editor of *The Little Giant* I would be delighted to receive
freight car history and modeling articles.

Comprehensive info on NYC freight cars is available on Terry Link's
web site

There is a 1950 NYC Freight Car Diagram book on George Elwood's
Flags web site

Charles Smith wrote a great article about NYC USRA twin hoppers in
3rd qtr 1980 issue of the NYC Historical Society magazine *The
Headlight.* The story that I have heard is that there were many
complaints form the NYCHS members about a freight car article. Over
the years there has been very little freight car material in the
magazine. Smith was a longtime NYC employee, a founder of the NYCHS,
and editor of *The Central Headlight* from 1982 to 2008. He passed
away in 2008. The new editor, Richard Stoving, has been publishing
modeling articles.

Larry Kline
Pittsburgh, PA

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