Re: the Great Unwashed (was NYC hoppers)

Tim O'Connor


The business model is applicable to the steam era too. Want
to bring out a prototypical 1950's TOFC car with round nose
trailers? Or an Ethyl tank car? Or.... [ fill in the blank ]

All you need is time, money, a business plan, a web site, a
good toolmaker, and Chinese manufacturing. :-) Oh and keep it
under your hat! That may be the most important thing.

Exactrail does sell through hobby shops at short discount -
like Intermountain, Kadee and Red Caboose. Tangent does not.

Tim O'Connor

I checked both sites and they have very good products. I'm wondering
what the distribution system is? Do most LHSs carry them? I think this is
probably important for the "Great Unwashed" as I'm guessing they do very
little mail-order. As they would not be concerned with hunting for accurate
models but something they see and like I think the product would have to be
in a LHS!
The era is wrong for me.

Jon Miller

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