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How much are these CD's?


from the NYCHS website:

Drawing CDs Now Available
Through grants by the generosity of the DeLong-Sweet Foundation, The Amherst Railway Society, and a member who wishes to remain anonymous, the Society has been able to digitize the majority of our official drawing collection. There are approximately 12,000 drawings available on Compact Disk covering approximately seventy different categories, including all steam locomotive classes, painting and lettering drawings, passenger cars, freight cars, MDT cars, diesel and electric locomotives, and others. This collection will be invaluable to modelers who model specific motive power and equipment. There are over 400 drawings available for J-1 Hudsons, over 800 drawings available for J-3 Hudsons, and over 700 drawings available for Niagaras and L-4 Mohawks, to cite a few examples. In addition, CDs are available of Valuation maps of the Boston & Albany main line, and CDs are also available of some equipment diagram books.

The price per CD for as many drawings as will fit on each CD is $45.00, postpaid. Ohio residents must add $3.25 sales tax. Depending on file size, between 27 and 400 drawings will fit on a CD. Purchasers are required to sign an End User License Agreement (EULA) which limits use of the files to the purchaser, prohibits electronic mailing and posting, etc. The Directors believe that if the files were to be posted, the value of the collection would be compromised, to the detriment of our members. Inquiries must include a contact phone number and email address, and should be made to:

Dept W
PO Box 81184
Cleveland, OH 44181-0184

I hope this info helps.

Jim Yaworsky
Windsor, Ontario
NYCHS member...

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