Re: "The Great Unwashed"....Educatable???

Tim O'Connor

My Dad was not unwashed -- he bought Cyclopedias, clipped articles
from magazines, took thousands of prototype photos, built dozens of
craftsman kits -- but I'm convinced he never knew the difference
between a PS-1 and an AAR box car, much less the more subtle
differences we all know and love. And it's not his age or era
either, because many people on this list are nearly as old (he
was born in 1926) and some may be older. I'm the one who absorbed
it all -- I was like a sponge for that stuff. He continued to buy
junk models, AND good prototype models, until he stopped buying
anything at all a few years ago. I think there are a lot of
hobbyists out there like him! They're not stupid, but it's just
not what turns them on. Different strokes for different folks.

Tim O'Connor

Charlie Vlk wrote:
I grant you that there are some among us that don't want to know and
won't be swayed by knowledge.... but most people can be educated and
are willing to learn.... especially in the Hobby of Model Railroading.
I don't think this is true, Charlie. But I do think that lots of
the GUW in fact are QUITE sensitive to things that are "wrong."
Somewhat inaccurate -- hey, they can live with that -- but "wrong"
seems to hit a button. That's not what I'd call education, though.
They don't want to know the "why" for themselves.

Tony Thompson

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