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I think this is a very interesting subject and I couldn't agree more with Armand. I know that I for one started out as one of the great unwashed as I suspect most of us did. But time and research and the quest for more knowledge made us more refined and demanding in our tastes and our purchases reflected this. The industry I think sensing change came along with us for the ride, especially after a number of small resin freight car manifacturers, small though they may be started to be known and to make small but significant inroads. Having switched from HO to N if find like Charlie that Micro Trains which I thought reasonable from the start no longer satisfy my needs and that I am looking for cars that are more and more correct in their details. To the point now where I am starting to think that making masters and resin casting may be the only way that I am going to get what I need.

As for the great unwashed I would like to think that in time we will see a lot of them on lists like this, they are the new and future blood of the hobby, without the people starting out and making their purchases on the basis of what looks good to them at the time there would be no support industry to help us get what we need. The comment by the person from Athearn summed it up exactly and in time those people, some of them at least, will find just as most of us did that rough enough is not good enough and will become more discerning in their purchases. It also behoves us to get out their and promote the message and to support the people that provide us with the cars we want. I don't know what happened to the Intermountain N scale Caswell Gondola but I haven't seen any announcement of it and maybe that is because sales, as I understand it of the HO version were not that good. If we want the prototype specific cars, either in kits, which I prefer, or ready to run we have to be able to support those manifactures that go out on the limb for us.

I go to a lot of hobby shows with portable layouts, the last one was Cajon Pass measuring 30 X 15 feet with Summit on one side and Devore on the other and we were always quick to tell people that you need to start out small buy quality motive power but buy the cheapest rolling stock you can until you become more interested and define your direction. I now see those people regularly at hobby and industry shows and they all end up like us, wanting more information more correct cars. It's in our nature to want more information no matter what we do, we are all basically curious creatures. I thank God for the great unwashed more power to them and we should be finding more of them.

Just my thoughts

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If you are happy with it that's all that counts.The majority will never know the difference. Ignorance is bliss.Armand Premo
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Charlie Vlk wrote:
> Tony-
> I actually agree with you.... the general "taste" if you will, has
> improved to the point where people are sensitive to "wrong"....when
> I said "some" I meant the hard-core few boneheads that are
> perversely contrary no matter how much intormation is presented to
> them.
> To me information and learning is a Major part of the Hobby and
> probably why my personal modeling suffers... I want DATA!!!! MORE
> DATA!!!

Couldn't agree more, and I suspect most of this list membership
feels at least part of that same impulse. And let's all keep in mind
how high are standards today, and how much really good stuff is being
produced. Richard Hendrickson likes to say, "Guys, this IS the golden
age." I think he's right.

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