Re: NYCSHS collections

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 10, 2009, at 1:57 PM, James Yaworsky wrote:

From the NYCSHS website:

"The NYC collection of photographs is temporarily unavailable for
purchase. The collection has been transferred to the Western
Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio for cataloging and
archiving. Due to the overwhelming size of the collection, this is
expected to take considerable time. After this activity has been
completed, photographs will again be available for members of the
New York Central System Historical Society, and to the general
public at competitive rates. The collection has exhibited signs of
deterioration in recent years, and the archival efforts of the WRHS
will preserve these images for the foreseeable future."

And as has been noted back in this message thread, the drawing
collection of the Society has been digitalized and is available.
Perhaps more has to be done to ease the process of getting copies
of these drawings, but they are available. This whole process is an
immense task.

I guess I'd respond by quoting from Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado:
"modified rapture." I'm certainly glad to hear that that the NYCSHS
has found a permanent home for its collection and that the intention
is to eventually make those holding available. But I'd welcome
further information on whether the Western Reserve Historical Society
has the resources and staff to proceed expeditiously with cataloging
and archiving or is just, in effect, a vault where the collection is
being preserved and protected from human contact. The latter
situation has been the case with more than one valuable collection of
railroad photos. And we all know what the road to hell is paved with.

Richard Hendrickson

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