Re: "The Great Unwashed"....Educatable???

Richard Hendrickson

On Jul 10, 2009, at 6:15 PM, Jon Miller wrote:

Also, as modelers get pickier, the market shrinks, thus making it
attractive for a manufacturer to invest in tooling for a given
I think many of us don't believe this. It's been said for a long time
the cost to make a model right is the same as making it wrong.
might refer to details but in most cases it cost the same to cut
the molds.

I agree. And the problem, in most cases, isn't the R&D people, who
are generally competent and know where to get correct prototype
data. It's the sales guys, who typically get input mostly from hobby
shop owners and who figure that only a handful of us nut cases know
or care whether what they produce is accurate or not, so the hell
with it.

Richard Hendrickson

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