Re: the Great Unwashed (was NYC hoppers)

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

I'm with Gene.
When IM came out with the ART car in meat reefer paint schemes all the locals here were interested in is if the paint schemes match those in Gene Reefer book. They came to my house with cars in hand to look at the book. They held the models up next to the photos and were happy. They could care less if the car was accurate. It was close enough. Just what IM had in mind.

It took years to get Kadee to do that M&StL red 50er. They did their PS2 covered hopper in a pre-56 paint scheme with 2 numbers I don't think it sold well. Now, if they were to do the later version of the car in the post 56 scheme....
Clark Propst

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