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I looked into using some images from the St. Lawrence County Historical Society for a book and they wanted $200 per image. If I gave them 500 books to sell themselves they were going to charge me $150 per. Needless to say I did not proceed. And this group complains that noone knows the history of the area or uses their resources.


Alan Palmer
Ottawa, Ontario

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I have received NOT FOR PROFIT ORG, ONE TIME USE ONLY "permission to use" for photos for use in a single C&O History Magazine issue . . . usually at a no fee or very nomimal fee rate, . . . . but in a higher volume situation, they are wanting up to $300 per image to use them.  It is the bigger collections, like Corbis (already $100 not-for-profit single use [of a C&O Rwy photo used in an advertisement] for less than 5,000 copies), with Micro Soft's backing, that might make your life interesting if re-used without permission.

Al Kresse

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Al Kresset wrote:
You talk about the books being copyrighted.  What about photographs  
used in those books that only had permission for that specific  
publication and had volume limits set on them.  It is not unusual to  
have permission for a maximum of 5,000 or 10,000 copies.  Or, is the  
need to have permission to use photos a "new thing"?
            You are right that photos are separate rights. The  
publisher had permission to use them in the specified publication, not  
for general use. I have not encountered limits based on printing  
quantity in our business, but we generally don't print quantities like  

What happens if the photo rights belong to a different entity?
           They almost always do.

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