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Anything I have dealt with, if we offered to kick over 20 or 25 copies of th publication, the fee would be waved. Without the SLHS photos we could proceed on the book so it was cancelled. The publisher told me several explitives for the fee per photo.


Alan Palmer
Ottawa, Ontario

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Alan Palmer wrote:
I looked into using some images from the St. Lawrence County
Historical Society for a book and they wanted $200 per image. If I
gave them 500 books to sell themselves they were going to charge me
$150 per. Needless to say I did not proceed. And this group
complains that noone knows the history of the area or uses their
That's a new high price for me, Alan. I was upset when the San
Francisco Chronicle wanted $125 each for photos from their morgue,
long-ago news photos. We used the absolute MINIMUM we needed, I can
tell you.

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