Re: Coal for home heating?

Malcolm H. Houck

The coal we burned was anthracite most of the
time. My assumption is that the coal would have traveled via NYC hoppers
to a dealer in Chelsea or Everett.

The iconic "Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant" is actually located
on what was formerly "NYNH&H Coal Pier 4." The New Haven
had a connection to Maybrook, across the Pooghkepsie Bridge,
and could've handled Erie or L&NE originated anthracite, but the
most common source of hard coal in the Boston area was
D&H branded Anthracite (shipped and delivered complete
with "Hudson Coal Company" orange cardboard discs
[similar to beer coasters] as re-order advertising).

Dickson & Eddy had a coal pier in Boston Harbor as well, and that
firm handled NYO&W anthracite.......some of it barged all the way from
NYO&W piers in New York Harbor, or up on the Hudson at Cornwall.

Mal Houck
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