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We are a cottage industry, and cannot afford commercial rates.

In the big time, Wide World, which is the archive of the Associated Press, wanted $600 for an 8x10 and one time use rights ... and this was 15 years ago.

They have lots of railroad photos, mostly news event related. What hay we rivet counters could make with that collection.

The commercial publishing world (Time magazine, etc.) can afford $600 a pop in stride, we cannot.

I shake my head sadly when other players in our little hisotical genre .... the local historical societies .... think everyone has deep pockets for their photos. Most of which they do not have the copyrights anyway.

There can be other strings attached. For a time, the Willard (Ohio) Historical Society would make you an 8x10 print for a fee, but then stipiulated that no publication rights would be granted at any price. They would not make the print if they thought you might publish. Seems these amateurs collected historical photographs from the townsfolk and some insisted theirs never be published. Now WHS has forgotten to whom they promised what and the restriction applies to all images. (I have recently seen some images published, so maybe this has changed.)

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I looked into using some images from the St. Lawrence County Historical Society for a book and they wanted $200 per image. If I gave them 500 books to sell themselves they were going to charge me $150 per. Needless to say I did not proceed. And this group complains that noone knows the history of the area or uses their resources.


Alan Palmer
Ottawa, Ontario

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I have received NOT FOR PROFIT ORG, ONE TIME USE ONLY "permission to use" for photos for use in a single C&O History Magazine issue . . . usually at a no fee or very nomimal fee rate, . . . . but in a higher volume situation, they are wanting up to $300 per image to use them.  It is the bigger collections, like Corbis (already $100 not-for-profit single use [of a C&O Rwy photo used in an advertisement] for less than 5,000 copies), with Micro Soft's backing, that might make your life interesting if re-used without permission.

Al Kresse


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