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The sides appear to be riveted in this photo.

Seattle, WA

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The acl cars were riveted. The new car from Atlas appears to be a welded
side car. It is hard to tell from the photos so I may be wrong. Regardless
though, the acl cars were riveted construction.

Denis Blake
North Hamlet Shops, OH
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Going from the photo only, it's looking real good for an ACL 46000-series
rebuilt USRA DS box car. Door, ends, and number of panels are OK. The
height and width will probably be "OK" (considering the source). The big
question will be the roof--I can't dtermine what kind of roof the pilot
model has, but if it is accurate for ACL then it should be Murphy. C&WC
had a few of these rebuilds as well. I can send you a photo off-line if
you're interested.

FYI, Sunshine did this ACL car last year.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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