NYC archives and the Western Reserve HS

Eric Hansmann

I recently moved to the Cleveland area and have been searching for employment. I applied for a
job at the Western Reserve HS in January and have not received any contact. As this thread came
up concerning the NYC archives and placement in the Western Reserve HS, I thought there should
be something on their website about a job or volunteer call to work on cataloging. I found
nothing. A wider Google search brought news of layoffs there. This story from two weeks ago:

Hopefully this passes. While I'm not a NYC modeler, I do need prototype info on NYC rolling
stock and would love to see more proper NYC freight cars available. I shudder at the thought of
what could happen to archival material when a historical society fails. Let's hope the Western
Reserve folks can right their 'ship'.


Eric Hansmann
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Starting over in a new house:

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