Re: Atlas 40' USRA rebuild

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
"SLSF had more than one type of rebuild .. the 1950 ORER lumps
together 127000-130499 with several subgroups -- interior heights
8'6", 8'11", 9'0", 10'0"."

Not entirely true. Do not be fooled by this series as it contains
groups of dissimilar cars:
- Steel rebuilt cars
- Plywood-sided rebuilt cars
- USRA DS boxcars that were NOT rebuilt
- Replacements for wrecked cars including
o Earlier SS boxcars renumbered into the 127000-130499 series
o 1937 AAR steel boxcars equipped for express service

The Frisco had a nasty habit of numbering replacement cars into the
same series. When it comes to analyzing the Frisco freight car fleet
in the ORERs, you really have to pay attention to the individual line
entries and notes.

Ben Hom

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