Re: Roundhouse milk car (was Milk car photo)

Armand Premo

It is pretty close to the Whiting Co. milk reefer and Overland's type B.IMHO a pretty fair model when compared to the old Roundhouse and Athearn's feeble attempts.Armand Premo

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On Jul 13, 2009, at 11:42 AM, Garth G. Groff wrote:

> Tim and friends,
> I don't remember ever discussing the Roundhouse/Athearn 40' wood milk
> car on this group. This is the recent one they brought out just before
> Roundhouse was taken over a few years back, not the much older 50'
> car.
> Does this car have an actual prototype?
> I have two, which I planned to letter for a real local dairy to run on
> the freelanced Virginia version of my layout. To my eye the casting
> was
> not bad for mass production, though the brake system is rudimentary at
> best (just the major components unconnected by any piping).


The Athearn model looks to be the spitting image of a small number of
cars owned by SUPPLEE. A few of us are working on decals for that
car, since the SUPPLEE MILK lettering was in red and attached to the
car side, not painted on. I think that there is a photo in Bob's
first Milk Cars book. We know that these cars ran on the PRR and the
Huntington and Broad Top (film of one behind a GG1 in Pennsy Steam
and Electric vol 1).

I think that there are a number of other cars that the model matches
as well.


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