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        I do not have stats for your question. I would like to
mention that 1000's of B&O cars were moved by PRR.
These were connected in Md, WVa,PA, and OH.
Trains of them went to the Reading near Harrisburg,PA
Several train loads a day were moved on the PRR on the
Sandusky, OH branch to the lake port. So as
Chuck Youngkuth aptly put it : there is a whole new
book to be written. 
        While searching for details of the Ohio River area
I found that B&O EM-1's with aux tenders would
bring 100 car coal trains into Benwood, WVa. One
would be split into local and west bound, the next was
forwarded to Pittsburgh. Since this is not my main focus
I can only sugest this is a place to search out for info.

Fred Freitas

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Wow, I find it very interesting that almost 30% of B&O's
coal traffic originated offline. So much for the theory of
"captive" cars...

Do you have any data for coal delivered to connections?

Tim O'Connor

------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- -
Bitum Coal Rec'd Bit Coal Originated Anth Coal Rec'd Anth Coal Originated

D&H 61,186 0 26,196 76,255
DL&W 54,314 0 19,473 72,828
NH 36,324 0 20,734 0
B&0 220,532 532,424 - 0
CV 163,735 (tons) 0 96,332 (tons) 0

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