Re: Critiquing Pre-production Models?

Brian Chapman <cornbeltroute@...>

Brian, by all means, find the last extant example of the prototype; send me its location and put me on expense account to travel out to take field measurements and photos; then come back here and tell us how it doesn't cost any more to do it right. :-) <
Dennis, hi,

Uh, you know, I didn't make the comment about cost and doing it right? (Or, maybe you're using my example to clarify a point about the other poster's comment?)

Terrific post because of all the insight. Gained from lots of experience, I'm sure. Looking through a 1984 Mainline Modeler magazine last night, I believe I came across an ad for your introductory product.

In any of my comments about posting artwork here, I was thinking screen shots of 2D and 3D items. Or, are you saying even screen shots would be a mistake to post, too? Actual CAD files do not leave my PC.

Thanks much, Brian

Brian Chapman
Evansdale, Iowa

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