Re: Atlas 40' USRA rebuild

Benjamin Hom <b.hom@...>

Dave Evans wrote:
"I am posting a photo of the Atlas test shot taken Friday. Looks like the
tooling has been upgraded, and it seems to address several of the criticisms
leveled below:

- Riveted sides, 8 panel
- Sides do appear to stand proud of both the side sill and ends (notice the
shadow of the bottom edge of the side on the side sill - it is not flush.
- Appears to be "original" roof width, with a Z structure to extend out to
the new sides. The PMcK&Y O scale model's roof actually over-hanged the
sides. The HO model is very different.
- Trapezoidal side supports - the T-plate is gone.

Looks like the criticisms were considered and tooling revised. Perhaps
someone from this august group will compliment Atlas.

Reading this thread is not very impressive, especially since no one had seen
the model. Lighten up guys."

Sorry Dave, but I'm standing by my comments. I've uploaded a side-by-side
comparison of the Atlas HO model with prototype photos of the SL-SF and C&WC
boxcars to the same file as the model photo (pending moderator approval).
To address your comments above:
- 8 panel riveted sides was NOT a criticism except where the decorated
models purported to represent a car rebuilt with 10-panel sides (ATSF, PRR).
- The sides of the model are improved over the earlier O scale model, but
the side sill and end insets are still not pronounced enough. The
side-by-side makes that abundantly clear.
- The roof is improved over the O scale model and is a better representation
for the SL-SF and ACL/C&WC prototypes; however,
- The side supports in the photo are NOT trapezoidal; they're the same
supports seen on the O scale model. Do not concur with your assessment.
- On the plus side, the model does have a fishbelly underframe, which better
represents the SL-SF and ACL/C&WC prototypes.

This model still doesn't accurately represent the SL-SF or ACL/C&WC
prototypes - the side sills will need to be replaced. I'm not too sure that
it's too terribly good a value to buy a model at the same price point as the
much better executed 1932 ARA steel boxcar models knowing that I have to do
some substantial surgery to the model.

And back to your original post, no amount of wishing or hoping will turn
this model into a PRR Class X26C boxcar.

Ben Hom

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