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We are going to have to agree to disagree. I still stand by my comments.

Ben Hom

Just found the proto photos, and agree with your conclusion that the Atlas sides do not project as far as the prototype. Wish I had known more about this when I saw the car, although I did not have a macro lens with me at the show to capture the brackets at higher magnification. But the car is an improvement over the N and O scale versions. We'll each have to decide how close is close enough.

Being one who hopes to build a large, operations centric layout, if Atlas gets the paint schemes and heralds correct, I'll probably declare victory and buy a few. My time and resources are finite - every resin kit I have to build means a few less turnouts on the layout. I'm willing to build some for the really unique, but populous cars (e.g. some of the WWII era ATSF box cars), but for others that are less of a standout, I'm willing to compromise.

Thanks for the insight,

Dave Evans

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