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Not a hope.

The Tichy car is bogus, it was a design by AAR which was never taken up,
although a smallish number of similar cars were built for the US military.
These cars were designed for use (if I remember correctly) somewhere about
the time of WW2. By this time the tank car nomenclature was Type 103, 105
etc, each being represented by the Red Caboose type 103W (W for welded) and
the Atlas Type 105 insulated tank car.

The 'Type 11' description relates to an ACF car based on drawings
implemented in 1911, hence the '11'. The Proto 2000 tank car is a Type 21,
drawing implemented in, you guessed it, 1921, the Intermountain car a Type

The main problem is that these are all ACF cars but the greatest part of the
tank car fleet was UTLX. Only Speedwitch Media and Sunshine Models do
significant alternatives.

Barry Bennett

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From: Steve Lucas

Date: 07/14/09 21:07:34

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Subject: [STMFC] HO Tichy tank car underframe...

I was reading the latest RMC today, starting with Ted Cullota's article on
modelling AC&F Type 11 tank cars.

Comments, please, on using the Tichy tank car underframe for modelling that
on AC&F built Type 11 cars? Accurate/needs some work/needs a lot of
work/totally useless?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Lucas.

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