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Barry Bennett wrote:
The Tichy car is bogus, it was a design by AAR which was never taken up, although a smallish number of similar cars were built for the US military. These cars were designed for use (if I remember correctly) somewhere about
the time of WW2.
Good basic thought, Barry, but wrong agency and wrong war <g>. It's a USRA tank car, circa WW I, and was never built by the USRA. What you're remembering is the similar though not identical Ware Emergency tank cars of WW II.

By this time the tank car nomenclature was Type 103, 105 etc, each being represented by the Red Caboose type 103W (W for welded) and the Atlas Type 105 insulated tank car.
The Red Caboose car is a relatively rare prototype of circa 1950 or later. The At;as car is only one (and a rather large one) of the various Type 105 designs.
All that said, the Tichy UNDERFRAME is not at all bad. Numerous authors, including Mark Feddersen, have used it over the years for kitbashed tank cars.
(Normally I'd wait for Richard Hendrickson to answer this, but I know he's en route to the Santa Fe meet.)

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