Sunshine XM-1 BAR boxcars

James F. Brewer <jfbrewer@...>

I compared the road names on the Sunshine flyer for the XM-1 bpxcar with pratt truss against my 1955 ORER CD from Westerfield. The Sunshine flyer lists the number series for BAR as 61100-599. There were no cars in this number series for BAR in the 1955 CD.

I checked the RPI site and discovered these cars were renumbered. There are some photos on the pay side circa 1950 and later with these cars being in the 1000 series and 3000 series.

I then checked this against the 1955 ORER CD, which indicates the 1000-1599 are "old numbers" and 3000-3599 are "new numbers." Presumably, some of these cars could have carried three different road numbers.

According to the ORER, BAR had 572 on the roster in 1955.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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