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After reading Ted's article in the latest RMC, I was wondering the same thing. I have not had time to study the details and dimensions of the Type 11 underframe in depth, but at first glance it appears doable with not much work. One detail that stands out is the lightly constructed side sills and only 4 rivets at the end of the bolster compared to 6 for the Tichy underframe. I suspect the ends of the frames are also different than the Tichy car, but that should be an easy fix. I will be using the Tichy frame when I do these cars, mainly because I have a ton of the Tichy cars, I don't want to buy the F&C cars just for the frame and I prefer working with styrene. Mark Feddersen

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I was reading the latest RMC today, starting with Ted Cullota's article on modelling AC&F Type 11 tank cars.

Comments, please, on using the Tichy tank car underframe for modelling that on AC&F built Type 11 cars? Accurate/needs some work/needs a lot of work/totally useless?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Lucas.

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