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Steve Lucas <stevelucas3@...>

Quite a high asking price for such a crude model. I suppose that the reserve price may be what it is due to the patent documentation that comes with the model.

As for this patent being issued "just before WWI", that threw this Canadian for a loop. The UK, Canada, and Australia (a few citizens of each are on this list) were involved in WWI from 1914-18.

Steve Lucas
Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada.

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Currently up for auction on eBay (no, it's not my auction and I have no idea
who's it is) is an unusual truck patent, along with the concept model.

You can see it here:

Patent applicant is a Mr. Walther Chalfent of Brownsville, PA and the truck has an unusual double sideframe design (essentially, there are sideframes on both sides of the wheels. The patent application dates from just before World War I - 1915-16.

From the side the sideframes look similar to more contemporary trucks, but no specific features that scream "here is the origins of "XX" truck can be readily identified from the images with the auction. I'd say most likely this is an interesting concept that proved unworkable, too costly, or unreliable and therefore never got beyond the patent/prototype stage.

Thought some of the truck historians on this list would be interested and perhaps some may know better than I if anything came of this design - or the patent applicant.

Marty McGuirk

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