Resin report


I have found myself on a bit of a building spree lately. Here is what I have accomplished.

1 WrightTRAK FGE mechanical reefer. This is the first one of three that I need to build. This is a pretty nice kit with lots of etched parts including ladders, grabs, sill steps and brake rigging. I found this kit enjoyable to build and it took about 4 or so days of working here and working there.

2 WrightTRAK Southern Railway woodrack. If there were a shake the box resin kit this would be it. Theese kits were done by Jim King and I must say he did a GREAT job. It goes together easily and is a two night kit. These cars represent cars that were rebuilt from obsolete boxcars. These are available in either Southern Railroad Roman, as delivered, of Southern Block lettering. C&O lettering is also available as some of these cars ended up on the C&O

3 Central of Georgia Historical Society CofGa woodrack. Another Jim King and another breeze. Clean up is mininal and the car just goes together easily. As I said, I got this one from the CofGa HS and I don't know if they are currently available. Again, like the Southern car mentioned above, these kits represent cars rebuilt from obsolete cars. This time it was from ventilated boxcars.

4 Southern Railway low side gon. This is another Im King product and another one that simply flies together. Again minimal clean up and just a two evening kit.

5 I also built a pilot model for a new WrightTRAK kit which we will be announcing shortly. I found this kit to be a couple of evenings kit as well. It features all of the usual WrightTRAK traits. More on this when we can announce it. Lets just say that this car comes up from time to time on this list.

Now, all I have to do is arrange time to get all of these painted.

We well be atttending the show at Naperville this fall. I look foward to seeing you all there.

Denis Blake
Marketing Director
WrightTRAK Railroad Models, LLC

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