Re: ARCHER rivets on Factory Painted Boxcars

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Andy Carlson wrote:
With the availability of ACR rivets from Archer, we can more easily model ACR boxcars. My question: has anyone applied the Archer rivets directly to a Painted and lettered model (such as a FP Branchline UP 40' boxcar)? What was their experience, and is this a viable way to achieve an ACR FP boxcar? I imagine that the rivets would require some paint touch-up.
The rivets are black, so only on something like a black SP Overnight box car could you do this application without paint touchup. (But of course that's a car which DOES need these rivets.) One could of course touch each rivet with a dot of BCR paint on a BCR box car--
delicate work--but it would avoid getting out the spray gun.

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