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Thanks, that is great. What I noticed from their announcement was they don't tell you what the spacing is. You indicated it is double, but double of what. I would assume that if you wanted to build a complete car side you need another sheet of rivets for the seam. Thus my question, what sheet does it pair with?

Dave Hussey

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Tony, where did you measure the A.C.R. rivet spacing? (What
prototype.) Is it correct as-is for the SP B-50-24? (Overnight box
Both the UP and SP cars with ACR sides had rivets in the
panel center were exactly twice the spacing of the seam rivets. That's
what the Archer sheet has. A quick look at some Cyc photos suggests
that other ACR cars were at least close to that proportion. If anyone
has different info, speak up and maybe Archer will do another set.

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