Re: ARCHER rivets on Factory Painted Boxcars

Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Dave Hussey wrote:
Thanks, that is great. What I noticed from their announcement was they don't tell you what the spacing is. You indicated it is double, but double of what. I would assume that if you wanted to build a complete car side you need another sheet of rivets for the seam. Thus my question, what sheet does it pair with?
To tell the truth, I didn't think of it from that perspective, but from the idea of adding the ACR rivets to an existing car body--of which we have a bunch in HO which are suitable--to make the conversion. Here's a procedure: put down one strip of ACR, and when dry, add a second strip spaced halfway between <g>.
The car drawings show seam rivets at a 2.5-inch spacing, ACR at 5 inches.

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