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While in the Army form 77 to 87 I had the chance to spend some time
in Army troop cars on guard duty when transporting Army equipment by
rail. The cars I spent time in were rebuilt WW II cars and were like
the car you described, but ours didn't have anything neat in them.
The cars had been converted to self contained guard cars and had a
kitchen and dining area in one end and a shower, toilet and six bunks
in the other with a partition and door between them. Aft of the bunk
area in an enclosed room was a diesel generator and hot water heater
so the car did have a large fuel tank under it. They still had the
high speed trucks and signal and steam lines. I spent many nights in
rail yards in these cars and I'm sure the rest of the guys with me
couldn't figure out why I didn't mind my turn walking the train.
I've been out of the military for a long time but I'm sure they still
have and use a few of these cars. There is or was an Army Rail unit
at Ft. Eustis VA that may still do some work on them but I'm not sure.
Jim Butler

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Hello all,

As many of you know, I have an interest in WWII Troop Sleepers and
cars. Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I recalled some cars that
have been converted from these cars at the Heart of Dixie Railroad
in Calera we went over there a couple of weeks ago and
here is
what we found!

The museum has 4 car, USAX G-53, G-64 and two numbers I failed to
down or get in photos. I was told that these were "simulator crew
The cars appear to be converted WWII troop kitchen cars (3 small
left side), with express trucks, dual AB brakes, and some
modifications including large underbody fuel tanks. I took as many
as the situation and light would allow and they are posted in a new
(USAX crew cars) on my photopoint site
( The paint
scheme -
silver with the Strategic Air Command's lightning bolt fist logo is
stunning! Obviously, with USAX markings, this paint scheme was
some time after the mid 1950s...

Does anyone know anything else about these cars? Would they have
been seen
in trains, or were they pretty much fixed in place...I was told
that two of
them are being used for housing for museum staff right now!

Happy Rails

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